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Area CodeWhat is Area Code: An area code is a special and unique code given to all the cities. These codes need to be added before the telephone number, otherwise the call won’t be initiated. An area code helps determine a person that where is getting a call from. Every city in the United States has its own unique area code. An area code consists of three unique digits.

USA ZIP CodeZip codes are used as parts of the address, so that the concerned authorities like, US Postal Service can direct the mail to the appropriate person. Zip in the Zip code stands for Zone Improvement Plan. A Zip code consists of five numbers, in which the first three numbers signify the sectional facility and the last two numbers for the state. To get better location for the address Google Map is widely used.

United States Postal Service, commonly referred to as the USPS is the biggest postal service in the United States. USPS stands tall in the country, where most of the information is transferred via emails, voice chats and SMS. USPS offers a five day delivery plan, which is very popular among the US citizens. USPS delivers the letters, couriers and packages of its customers using the Zip codes that are mentioned in the address section. USPS makes use of Google Map in order to provide better services to its customers.

Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo and other search engines can be used to look for the USA Area Codes

Area codes can be used to search for any particular city or zip code or Area codes can be used to look for all the cites and zip codes in an area. It is very helpful for the users to find the area code of any city or to vice versa.

Businesses or Companies which are offering any products or services can be easily located in any area by the use of the area code. All these searches can be done on Search engines which has a huge database of all the companies in any particular area. First 3 digits of any phone number are called the 'area code' of that particular area.

Area codes are also called as phone codes, telephone codes, calling codes or dial codes. In USA 'area code' is searched when people are looking for telephone codes. Printed directories were used in the past to look for the area codes of any area but these days most of the searches are done on search engines on websites offering the information.

You can also search for zip codes, post codes or postal codes of any area using the area code OR you can search for the area codes of any place using the zip codes.

Real Estate Agent in “area code” or “Mortgage Broker of your area” OR Plumbers in 254 area or 307 Dentist You can look for the companies or service providers by using any area code. Business industry list is mentioned below for your reference

Insurance, Window & Gutter Cleaning, Roofing Contractors, Landscape Contractors, Photographers, Handyman Services, Air Conditioning Contractors, Auto Insurance brokers, Beauty Salons, Videographers, Shopping & Stores, Car Dealers, Restaurants, Paving Contractors, Consumer Electronics & Appliances, Repairs and Services, Carpet & Rug Retailers, Car Rental, Windows & Doors Installation & Service, Drainage Contractors, Carpenters, Credit Card Services, Dentists, Electricians, Tile & Stone Contractors and Retailers, Banks, Painters, Home Renovation, Loans and Investment, Doctors, Plumbers, Waterproofing, Installers and many more.